What We Do

We are a unique lifestyle brand using positive affirmations and empowering words that give the wearer a constant reminder of positivity and inspiration. Our clothing will inspire and motivate everyone who sees them.

In a world where negativity seems to rule, You Be Fit Shop is a breath of fresh air.  It’s not often a clothing brand takes on the ambitious goal of inspiring the world, but then again, this isn’t your normal clothing brand. Every now and then a company comes along that cares more about the greater good than itself. 


Fantastic Fall Line

The more we hear, read, or speak a word or phrase, the more power it has over us. The saying, “The words you speak become the house you live in,” holds great truth.

I Am Born To Win


I Am Ambitious & Victorious

I Can Do All Things

Exciting Spring Active Line

Your mind and body will follow the direction your words lead. So if you want more influence, confidence, connection or opportunities to come your way, begin with what you’re projecting into the world each time you open your mouth.

Blessed and Never Stressed 

I Can Do All Things 

Just Do You

I Am Senior Strong